About Electro’s Home

Our site is about the gadgets and technologies that you see around you every day. We talk about many different things from how to choose the right operating system kernel to getting the most from a consumer drone. Here are some of the gadget topics we look at on this site.


Computer Tips, Advice, and Comparisons

Using a computer today is something that nearly everyone needs to learn at some point. It could be that you need to use one at your job or just want to use social media to talk to your family. We have a wide range of computer tips, advice, and comparisons. We can guide you through doing both the basic and advanced things necessary to get the most from your computer or laptop. We also take a look at the individual components in a computer so that you better understand how the hardware works. Our experts will even help you by comparing different types of computers so that you can find exactly what you need.


Enhancing Your Entertainment Experience

Your entertainment gadgets might not be performing as well as they could. This is why we have dedicated a section of our site to enhance your entertainment experience. You can get information about how to reduce interference between your components whether they are wireless or use cables. See how to make your gaming console really come to life on the screen of any television. Learn about getting better sound quality and using a tuner with your stereo. If you are interested in having a better experience with your entertainment gadgets, then this site is for you. Imagine playing your favorite Clash of Clans game on a bigger screen rather than on your phone!


Looking At the Latest Gadgets

Anyone who loves gadget knows that new technologies are appearing on a regular basis. Devices that we thought might never exist in our lifetimes are now becoming commonplace. We try to keep you informed by looking at all the latest gadgets being released or announced. You can get real information about the latest wearable devices, drones, and home robots. We preview amazing technologies that might be in the stores in just a few months. You can find everything you need to keep up with the latest gadgets right here.


Exploring Mobile Devices of All Types

Mobile devices are everywhere today. Most people have a smartphone, e-reader or tablet. We can help take the mystery out of these devices and give you the tools to unlock their potential. We explore many different aspects of mobile devices. You can see how to manage your apps, change hidden settings and overclock the processor. You will also find reviews of the latest devices along with comparisons that will make choosing your new phone or tablet much easier.


Creating or Modifying Gadgets At Home

Technology is so prevalent and modular today that you can actually start to play with gadgets in your own home. We have tutorials and projects for creating or modifying gadgets at home. You can see how to activate disabled features on gadgets you already own. See how to take a few parts from different household items to make a completely new gadget that is fun to use. If you want to get hands-on with your gadgets, then our site can help.