Top Things To Look At When Shopping For A New TV

Most of us don’t buy new TVs regularly. It usually takes around 5 years before one thinks about getting a new one, and because TV technology progresses slowly, you don’t really miss out on much.


However, if you are set on getting a new TV, then here are a few things to keep in mind when browsing for your new TV set.


Size Matters


Screen size should be a major consideration when looking at getting a new TV. Look for a TV that fits not only your viewing habits but where you’ll be placing the TV. For smaller spaces, then get a smaller TV, but if you’re placing the TV in the living room, then a larger TV is a better choice.


Curved or Flat screen?


Are you going for aesthetics or space efficiency? Curved screen TVs typically need more space, so if you’re loving space isn’t too big, grab a flat screen. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing design and have the space to spare, then get the curved screen.


4K: Yes or No?


Full HD is becoming more common. With the rise of more 4K content, now would be a good time to invest in a 4K TV to take advantage of what may soon be the new standard. Buying a 4K TV should leave you ahead by at least 4 years in the TV race.


Are OLED TVs worth it?


OLED TVs offer better colors than standard LED TVs. However, OLED doesn’t come cheap. So, if your wallet can take it, and you really want a better contrast, then get an OLED. If you’re fine with the current standard, then a basic LED TV will do.




Top TV brands typically offer a lot of features, but their offerings come at a higher price tag. Now, If you aren’t concerned with brand names, then there are other manufacturers that offer quality products at lower prices as well.


Have you determined what you need for a TV? Check out this list of the top TVs that you can buy with your money.