Tripod Setup Photography Budget

Create a Tripod Laptop Holder on a “Shoestring” Budget

Photography enthusiasts will love this do-it-yourself solution to keeping their laptop or netbook in convenient reach when using a tripod. With a few inexpensive supplies, photo seekers can connect their cameras directly to their mobile device without having to attach a multitude of cables and wires that just get in the way. Follow these simple instructions to create your own resting shelf for mobile devices when you embark on your next photo shoot.


The materials that you will need for this construction are:

  • Tripod with Camera
  • Laptop or Netbook or Other Mobile Device
  • Two Extra Long Shoe Strings
  • An Appropriate Sized Metal Grate
  • Scissors


The first step is to attach one of the ends of one of the shoestrings to a corner of the grate. Tie this near the end in a double knot to assure its strength. Then tie the end of the second shoestring to the opposite side of the grate away from the tripod.


Determine the height that the device will be resting at. With the grate against two legs of the tripod, bring the shoestring around the top of the tripod at the camera’s base.


Find the length of shoestring that is right for the proper height. Once the height is chosen, let the grate lean down against the tripod and secure the other end of the grate with the shoestring.


Lift the grate back up to the level of height desired for the device to rest on. It is a good idea to tip the outer edge of the grate up higher than the inside near the tripod to avoid the device from slipping off of the grate.


Run the shoestring up and around the base of the camera where it attaches to the tripod. Adjust the height of the grate until it is hanging even on both sides. Make note of the location that the shoestring needs to be attached and tie the shoestring to the grate on the remaining corner.


Release the grate to hang freely. Using the scissors, trim off the excess shoestring lengths. The grate should hang at a slight inward angle toward the tripod. Place the mobile device on the holder and attach the necessary line from the camera to the device and begin taking pictures and capturing memories.


For photographers who travel, there is a lightweight version of this holder. This variation utilizes a sushi mat and lightweight twine or somewhat sturdy rope. The creation of the holder follows the same basic construction rules as the version with the metal grate. However, when this version is complete it can be rolled up in a convenient and lightweight traveling version that is easy to transport.


When it comes to modern photography it is often necessary to utilize more than just a camera for the creations of great photos. Creating a shelf for a laptop or netbook that can be easily assembled and disassembled is as easy as tying a shoestring to prepare for your run like Jake in Subway Surfers!