What To Look Out For When Buying A Gaming Headset

While gaming is a great activity, not everyone can get into it, so getting a headset to use while gaming is a good way to be considerate of others.


Of course, you can’t just grab a headset off the rack and be off to the games, so here are a few things to remember when choosing your gaming headset:




Okay, this is very important. Why? Some headsets will flat-out not work on specific game consoles or computers. Always check with the manufacturer if their headset works with Windows or your game console.


Connection Type


Headsets come with two connection types: Analog or USB. Analog headsets require a dedicated sound card while USB connections are plug and play.


Wired or Wireless?


Wireless headsets can cause interference with other wireless devices while wired headsets limit your range, and can cause accidents with unwary people. Choose accordingly.


Noise Cancellation


The noise cancellation feature is a good fit if you’re in a noisy place and like to game undisturbed.


Sound Format


If you only really need it for voice chat, then a mono/stereo headset will do you fine. If you would like directional audio while gaming, however, then a 5.1 or 7.1 Surround sound headset might be a better choice.




Choose a headset with a comfortable design, as you may end up wearing it for several hours at a time and you’d want it to be as comfortable as possible.


Check the reviews


It’s always a good idea to check product reviews to find out if the headset you’re looking at performs well. Check out official online review sites and check product reviews on retailer sites to see what other people think of the product.




Expensive does not always mean better. Some brands trade-off of brand recognition instead of performance. Don’t pay more money than what the device is worth, and don’t be blinded by name-brand swag.


Games are great. Whether you’re rocking out to the newest AAA games or playing a new indie release, there’s something for everyone. Play unblocked games and have some fun!